Renée Wallen

On October 25th 2018, social media marketing expert, Renée Wallen, took us through the minefield that is social media marketing! She explained the differences between the various platforms in terms of their value to us both personally and in business, telling us how to navigate these choices and raise profile. Business and social communication is a maze of options from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Face Book, Instagram … and more.

Renée provided detailed information on how to make suitable choices and tips on implementation. Her key tips on improving our social media experience such as creating a realistic and manageable strategy; raising our online profile; improving brand image; and the impact on a website’s search engine optimisation was incredibly informative and helpful – and all in in jargon-free English!

Renée coaches individuals and businesses on effective marketing from an SEO perspective. A published author and poet, Renée has been named London CEO of the Year by Corporate vision and awarded UK Independent Business Honours for Excellence in training coaching and instruction.


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