Martha Silcott

Version 2Martha Silcott spent 25years in various account management roles in the Financial Services sector but for large parts of that was troubled by the lack of a solution for women and girls for sanitary disposal. All this changed when, one day, she decided to do something about it – blood, sweat, tears, a patent, and some years later FabLittleBag was born. Hear about the rollercoaster ride of taking an idea born of frustration through to the shelves of Waitrose and global expansion.

Martha invented FabLittleBag because she couldn’t find suitable sanitary disposable products – so irritation was the mother of invention! And by 2006 Martha had applied for the patent.  Once granted, in 2013 she successfully developed, manufactured, and sold FabLittleBag into the retail market, launching with Waitrose in November 2015.

FabLittleBag is now available in Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Wholefoods, Ethical Superstore, and we have USA and Australian distributors.

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