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This is networking with a difference: no membership and no category exclusivity. 

Imagine a dinner party with great speakers and you, seated next to interesting, informed guests  – and you have an idea of the experience!  Come and join us, meet new people and have your say book now

Our next event is: 25th July 12.30-2.30pm at Browns, Covent Garden

Julia Sterland, figurative painter

Julia is seen here, having spent just 25 minutes producing this remarkable portrait of TRU member Christine Marsh, seated holding her portrait.

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I hope you will join us  to hear Julia tell us about the mental tricks she uses to remain focused and to keep going ‘whatever’!

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Julia Sterland paints figurative portraiture, still lives and landscapes.

“I am a figurative artist. I paint from what I see, not from my imagination. I use oil and watercolour for portraits, landscapes and still life.”

“What really interests me is the power of this kind of painting to keep you in the present moment whether as artist or viewer. There is plenty written about the importance of living in the moment but less about how to do this. This is what does it for me.”

“I trained and practised as a doctor and am increasingly drawn by the human form; by the beauty and power and energy of structure and muscles. I find that there is a connection with the subject, a communication that is unique and better than other communication with words.”

“I also trained as an Alexander technique teacher as a tool for change when I stopped medicine in 2000 to paint full time. This has been essential for me.”

“More than anything I want my paintings to convey the energy of life.” www.juliasterland.com

About Us: Established 15 years ago, Sandi Goddard’s Room Upstairs lunches are a relaxing and friendly way to meet other business and professional women. They are inclusive and engaging.

Our lunches provide a place where you can meet trusted advisors, build strong relationships, ask for help, introductions and advice. If this is what you are looking for – then TRU is for you!

Our ‘members’ are women from diverse sectors: clever and inspirational women who head up companies and departments including legal, financial, IT, creative, management, fashion, travel, digital, change management, coaching and all points in  between.

Whether you are the director of an international organisation, a senior City professional or setting up your first business, you will have something to share with each other! And at The Room Upstairs you can ask for that impossible introduction, advice or other dream request. And we limit numbers – that way you are able to talk to everyone!

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“These events really work!”

“Thank you … for your fantastic follow-up. By way of feedback, I joined other groups who say they will do this, only, the email never materialises. You stand out as you consistently forward everyone’s requests to the group.”

“Just to let you know that I have managed to get speakers for my events thanks to your lunch.”

“I have two new clients. Both referred by women I met at your lunches.”

“Thank you. I met with your speaker and we are now providing mentoring for her clients.”

“I just wanted to tell you … I invited someone I met at your lunch to speak at an event. She was fabulous, you need to ask her to speak at TRU!”